Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Our Unmanaged Dedicated Servers are fully customizable and starts at the price of P9,680 / month

Contact us and we will gladly provide your several options that meet your server demands!

NOTE: Unmanaged Dedicated Servers mean there won't be a full support offered for this hardware.  We cover the setting up of the server and software, and we leave you the full access and maintenance of it's uptime solely to you.  We only cover the hardware health, the network, and forced restarting when requested.

Our Unmanaged Dedicated Servers are all custom built, IPMI enabled, and fully optimized before being delivered to you for your dedicated server hosting needs!

This is what we deliver:

  • High Performance Processors
  • DDR3 ECC Registered RAM
  • SATA + SSD Storage
  • Hardware Raid Available
  • 1Gbps Full Duplex

Built with Mobirise - Get more